Web3 DeCode: Future of the internet at the Gulf News event in Dubai

    15 Jun 2022

    Gulf News has announced that it will be hosting Web3 DeCode, a two-day exhibition at the Grand Hyatt in Dubai, on June 25 and 26.

    To raise awareness of Web3 technology, its ascension in emerging markets like the UAE plus its impact on innovation, and life, as we know it, Gulf News is hosting Web3 DeCode, a two-day exhibition on June 25 and 26 at Grand Hyatt.

    Created and conceptualized by agnc3 by Gulf News, Web3 DeCode hosts more Metaverse builders, creators, and artists. In addition to an impressive speaker line-up, the event will include a wide range of NFT experiences, presenter booths, and dive deep into some of the biggest issues and opportunities in the Web3 ecosystem.

    “I am very happy to work with Gulf News to bring together a strong roster of Web3 leaders, who together represent all the multiple dimensions of real-world applications of blockchain technologies and how they are revolutionizing much more than just our financial systems,” said Renata Morrais, Associate Professor of Multimedia Design at Dubai Institute of Design & Innovation.

    “Web3 is disrupting the frontiers of digital culture with NFTs, accelerating economic inclusion and social impact, and shaping entirely new kinds of social organizations such as DAOs. Web3 Decode is bringing together all these diverse new developments and making them accessible to a mainstream audience.”

    As the digital world keeps evolving, Gulf News is foraying into Web3 by launching its own NFTs at the event, which will include digitized versions of its historic front pages, photos, and iconic covers, published in the newspaper.

    Ola Lind, CEO & Managing Director of FTFT Capital, added:

    “We are thrilled and looking forward to the strategic partnership with Gulf News. Its foresight in educating the public about Web3 including NFTs and the metaverse is remarkable. The exhibition will deliver the essentials of Web3, deciphering NFT and the metaverse, feature NFT art, NFT projects recognized, and the Metaverse experienced.”

    Attendees can benefit from exclusive NFT drops, upcoming metaverse projects, and concepts that are here to stay.

    What to expect at the event

    • Exclusive NFT drops.
    • Meetings with artists at Web3 DeCode who will display exclusive NFT collections through dedicated dark rooms and theme-based activations.
    • Popular NFT community Arts Dao will bring in prominent artists to interact with the audience and elaborate further on their collection.

    BEATMYTEAM Metaverse Fantasy league Prelaunch. As the first-of-its-kind football fantasy league, this play-to-win metaverse game introduces a collector’s edition of NFTs to football fans and offers a chance to win big. Join us at the event for the prelaunch and meet the team who plan to create gaming history in Web3.

    DAS NFT Museum marketplace launch. Currently, the trend of NFTs in the metaverse is pixel art or low-quality-art profile pictures. Decentralized Art Story (DAS), on the other hand, provides ultra-high-definition (UHD) masterpiece artworks from the past and the present as NFTs. Backed with patents, DAS provides two business models, 8K to 40K high-quality artworks, and the chance to experience these artworks. It will also promote the NFT rental model, which will be the game-changer for the NFT world where unsold inventory is an issue.

    Startup contest. The most promising entrepreneurial projects in the Web3 space stand to win big by participating in the event’s start-up contest hosted on both days of the exhibition. This is a great networking opportunity for startups to exhibit, as well as participate in the contest.

    In-depth seminars. Across the two days of the exhibition, a series of seminars at the event will focus on blockchain, crypto, NFTs, the metaverse, Web3 ecosystems, and their impact on commerce, culture, and communities. Participants can learn about emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency trends directly from some of the most prominent leaders in the sector.

    Gulf News Web3 Awards. The two-day event will conclude with a gala dinner and the region’s first Web3 Awards, which aims to recognize projects in categories such as tech, gaming, art, and other related industries. This is a great opportunity for all to submit nominations and create history as every winner also gets tokenized NFT of the winning award.

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