World Blockchain Summit 2021: DeFi keeps me interested – Amber Group’s Partner

    18 Oct 2021

    The Trescon World Blockchain Summit concluded in Dubai to discuss blockchain and cryptocurrency. The conference was composed of a set of prominent speakers from the crypto sector. Annabelle Huang, Partner at Amber Group, expressed some insights about what they do at the leading global crypto service provider Amber Group.

    “I started in crypto in the DeFi world… I was building one of the first-generation decentralized exchanges back in 2018. One could argue that it’s a bit ahead of its time,” Huang revealed regarding the start of her carrier. “So, three years later, of course, I’m here very glad to see what the space is like now.”

    Then she shared her thoughts about what will be the next big thing in the blockchain and the cryptoverse.

    “There is an innovation that came out, yield farming, staking to earn, all of these concepts and I think the future is going to be, a lot of the concepts will be around sort of the staking to earn or play-to-earn narrative where people can really utilize the crypto-economics and be able to actually earn on top of it is a very crypto native way versus what we’ve seen in the traditional finance space. And there’s so much more space for innovation that can come out of it,” Huang stated.

    “So, yeah, I think that’s what keeps me interested in DeFi, and we spoke to projects that are essentially financing themselves through DeFi pools and be able to use that funding to do so many interesting things; so I think again very bullish on this space,” she added.

    Regarding Amber Group’s interest in the Play-to-Earn space, Annabelle Huang claimed:

    “We definitely follow very closely, and that got us thinking right we were building our platform, our app, and the web portal really designed for more people to be able to access crypto. And when it comes to fiat on-off ramp as well, we want to make it easy, we move all the barriers, and this gives us the perfect case for all the Filipino users. Yes, you earned your Axie SLP, you sold them into USDT, and then what? How do you off-ramp? How do you actually convert them to the money you use on a daily basis? I think that’s where we can add a lot of value. So, we look forward to building the entire ecosystem of the infrastructure around DeFi NFT and beyond.”

    Amber Group is a leading global crypto service provider – dealing with everything crypto finance-related, help our clients trade, manage, and access crypto. The company provides trading, liquidity provisioning, and asset management services to our clients globally.

    “We’ll be launching a fully integrated product suite under a new name powered by Amber Group and really geared towards users globally. It’s not just the US or Europe,” Huang shed light on plans for the next projects of Amber Group. “It’s really the emerging markets like we spoke about, like the Philippines and beyond, and being able to help them to actually participate in crypto any way they want in a very easy-to-use fashion.”

    Also, Annabel Huang expressed her admiration for Dubai and the World Blockchain Summit:

    “It’s been amazing, it’s my first time in Dubai, so wasn’t expecting such a buzzing scene for crypto here,” she said. “I really do think there’s a huge market here – a lot of opportunities, a lot of people are moving here, based here now. It’s great to see that, and as sort of my intro to the Middle-Eastern market, so I really look forward to coming back here more often.”

    The Trescon World Blockchain Summit was held in Dubai, and Gulf CryptoInsight, as the event’s media partner, publishes essential updates from the summit.

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