World Blockchain Summit 2021: ZB CEO believes Bitcoin price to hit 4x in the future

    17 Oct 2021

    The Trescon World Blockchain Summit was held in Dubai to discuss blockchain and cryptocurrency. The conference was composed of a prominent lineup of different speakers from the crypto sector. OMAR C, the CEO of ZB and one of the speakers in this Trescon WBS event, expressed optimistic thoughts about the future of Bitcoin.

    For two days in October, investors, traders, developers, and entrepreneurs gathered at the world’s biggest blockchain summit in Dubai to witness this remarkable event in the crypto space.

    Amid the many things discussed in the event regarding the crypto space, there is one topic that OMAR C talks about that catches the audience’s attention. He spoke about the future of Bitcoin and its possibility to boost the price 3-fold to 4-fold in the future.

    Apart from the CEO of ZB, many other people in the crypto community believe in the potential of Bitcoin. Lark Davis, a crypto analyst and enthusiast, suggests that Bitcoin can be the future of the banking system.

    In a Twitter post, Lark stated that the people in El Salvador hold more Bitcoin wallets than bank accounts. Therefore, we can say that Bitcoin truly solves the problem of unbanked people worldwide.

    On Friday, Bitcoin surged above $60,000 for the first time in six months, pushing the digital coin further toward its all-time high, as traders speculated US regulators would approve the launch of the first Bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund (ETF).

    The Trescon World Blockchain Summit was held in Dubai, and Gulf CryptoInsight, as the event’s media partner, publishes essential updates from the summit.

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