Worldcoin partners with Alchemy to build blockchain infrastructurev

    27 Jun 2024

    Worldcoin, the iris-scanning biometric digital identity project, and the Web3 development platform Alchemy revealed a new partnership to build out the infrastructure for the World Chain ecosystem.

    On June 26, Worldcoin announced that its collaboration with Alchemy will give World Chain developers immediate access to its complete and comprehensive Web3 developer platform.

    This includes both core and data APIs, indexing solutions and a suite of other tools needed by developers to power their apps.

    In addition, the tools include an account abstraction infrastructure that will improve the safety and security of self-custodial wallets in the World Chain ecosystem.

    Alchemy will also be integrating World ID as a part of its tool set, which would give millions of developers worldwide access to the digital ID technology.

    The human-centric blockchain

    Noam Hurwitz, engineering lead at Alchemy, told Cointelegraph that he believes the partnership will help make “meaningful progress” toward bringing a billion users onchain and increase developers’ opportunities to create “human-forward applications.”

    World Chain was first introduced in April 2024 as a blockchain designed for humans. According to Tools for Humanity, one of the key contributors to the World Chain ecosystem, it will work alongside Optimism, Coinbase and the wider Ethereum ecosystem as part of the Superchain.

    It is still pending migration from OP mainnet and will serve as the new home for Worldcoin’s World ID, which users receive after completing an iris scan at one of the many orbs worldwide, as well as the World App.

    Building large-scale infrastructure

    World Chain’s human-centric optimization uses verified World IDs to allot holders priority blockspace and a free gas allowance for casual transactions, to push out the bots and give developers better access to real users.

    Steven Smith, head of protocol at Tools for Humanity, told Cointelegraph that World Chain aims to be the first blockchain designed for humans and the largest on-ramp for humans to come onchain.

    “With that comes the need for infrastructure that can operate at an extremely large scale.”

    He said the choice to partner with Alchemy was highlighted by the fact that it has proven experience “ensuring guaranteed uptime and reliability” for major enterprises.

    In a forthcoming episode of Decentralize with Cointelegraph, host Savannah Fortis sits down with Smith to better understand Worldcoin and its mission for the future of decentralized digital identity on a global scale.


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