Tax strategies allow crypto investors to offset losses
    05 Feb 2023

    Reporting cryptocurrency when filing taxes can help investors offset their losses. 2022 was tough for the crypto market. A recent report published by security services platform Immunefi found that the crypto industry lost a total of $3.9 billion in 2022. Detrimental losses such as these are often concerning for crypto investors, yet there may be a silver…

    How to protect against crime in the metaverse
    05 Feb 2023

    What is the dark side of the metaverse? The metaverse has the potential to alter the way we interact and engage with one another and technology. However, there are also possible drawbacks and risks, just like with any new technology. Potential problems with privacy, security and legislation are part of the metaverse’s negative side. One…

    London emerges as world’s most crypto-ready city for business — Research
    05 Feb 2023

    An examination of eight key data points determined London to sport the highest crypto readiness to entice businesses and start-ups. Along with pro-crypto regulations, mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies requires a supporting infrastructure that can allow the general public access and exposure to the ecosystem. When considering eight key indicators around taxes, ATMs, jobs and events…