Russia talks up prospects of BRICS countries developing new currency
    31 Mar 2023

    A top Russian official has reportedly claimed that the BRICS alliance is working on creating its own currency. A new world order could be emerging as economic powerhouses increase their efforts to distance themselves from US dollar hegemony. According to reports, a top Russian official has claimed that the BRICS alliance is working on creating…

    Australian ‘Big Four’ bank ANZ halts cash withdrawals from many branches
    31 Mar 2023

    The move comes as Australians continue to reduce their usage of cash and bank branches, but has sparked fears that the death of cash is near. ANZ, one of Australia’s “Big Four” banks, will cease facilitating withdrawals and deposits from a number of its Australian branches as it looks to push its customers toward using…

    DAO treasuries top $25 billion for the first time: DeepDAO
    31 Mar 2023

    Assets held in DAO treasuries have more than doubled since the beginning of 2023, according to DeepDAO. Decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) treasuries are rapidly growing, having just surpassed a major milestone, according to DeepDAO. According to figures from the DAO data platform, on March 31, total assets for all decentralized autonomous organizations reached a record…

    UK government announces ‘robust’ crypto regulation as part of economic crime plan
    31 Mar 2023

    The focus on crypto regulation was part of the U.K. government’s plan to fight economic crime, which also included addressing law enforcement’s ability to seize and store assets. The government of the United Kingdom has laid out plans to step up regulation of crypto assets in its efforts to respond to economic crime in the…

    Arbitrum airdrop-related selling subsides, but DApp use sustains while smart money accumulates ARB
    30 Mar 2023

    The ARB airdrop followed the sell-the-news narrative, but Arbitrum’s DApp use and fundamentals remain strong and smart money continues to buy ARB tokens. The Arbitrum token airdrop led to a massive dump of ARB tokens and projects in the Arbitrum ecosystem in a “sell-the-news” type of event. However, the Ethereum Layer-2 activity remains strong, with…

    ARB price to $2? Ethereum L2 rival Arbitrum will double in April, fractal suggests
    30 Mar 2023

    ARB’s price trajectory looks similar to MATIC after its market debut when MATIC rose 1,350% after facing a brutal selloff in its early days of trading. The price of Arbitrum (ARB) has dropped by nearly 20% a week after establishing its record high at $1.60 on March 23. However, the Ethereum layer-2 token looks set to resume…