Web3 needs its ‘WordPress moment’ to speed up positive disruption
    16 Mar 2023

    Developers have barely scratched the surface when it comes to the potential of blockchain — here’s how to ramp up progress. Blockchain development has come a long way since the introduction of Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency and the first successful application of blockchain technology. The introduction of smart contracts by the Ethereum blockchain gave birth to potential…

    US credit crunch means it’s time to buy gold and Bitcoin: Novogratz
    16 Mar 2023

    The Galaxy Digital CEO predicts tough times ahead for the United States economy but continues to be bullish on crypto. The United States is headed for a credit crunch and now is the right time to buy gold, silver and Bitcoin, says Galaxy Digital founder and CEO Michael Novogratz. “We are going to have a credit…

    Coinbase met with Australian banking regulators over local crypto regulations
    16 Mar 2023

    Coinbase’s vice president of international policy told Cointelegraph the meetings took place in Canberra and Sydney and touched on the government’s token mapping efforts. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) and Treasury have been holding private meetings with executives from Coinbase, with discussions revolving around the future of crypto regulation in Australia. Responding to Cointelegraph’s…

    Euler hacker seemingly taking their chances, sends funds to crypto mixer
    16 Mar 2023

    Before the move, the hacker apparently refunded at least one victim, leading to a slew of on-chain messages from other purported victims. The hacker responsible for the $196 million attack on Euler Finance has begun moving funds into crypto mixer Tornado Cash, only hours after a $1 million bounty was launched to uncover the hacker’s…