Tokenization is “securitization done on steroids” — Franklin Templeton CEO
    02 Oct 2023

    Speaking at CNBC’s Delivering Alpha event, Jenny Johnson discussed how digital assets are disrupting securitization and the financial markets. Securitization, a practice with over 50 years of history, is undergoing a dramatic transformation, believes Jenny Johnson, CEO of Franklin Templeton, one of the world’s largest asset managers. During CNBC’s Delivering Alpha event, Johnson noted that tokenization —…

    Crypto synthetic assets, explained
    02 Oct 2023

    What are crypto synthetic assets? Blockchain-based financial instruments called crypto synthetic assets imitate the value and behavior of actual assets or financial instruments. Crypto synthetic assets, also known as “synthetic assets,” are a class of digital financial instruments created to mimic the value and performance of actual financial assets or assets from the real world, such as…

    September becomes the biggest month for crypto exploits in 2023: CertiK
    02 Oct 2023

    The Mixin Network cross-chain protocol accounted for almost two-thirds of the crypto exploit losses in September. September has officially become the worst month in 2023 (so far) for crypto-related exploits — with a whopping $329.8 million in crypto stolen. On Oct. 2, blockchain security firm CertiK said the most significant contributor to the month’s totals…