Bitcoin signals potential range expansion— Will SOL, LDO, ICP and VET follow?
    16 Oct 2023

    The S&P 500 Index nudged higher by 0.45% to record its second positive week. While the United States equities markets were a slow mover, gold witnessed a massive run-up of more than 5% this week. Its rally of 3.11% on Oct. 13 was its best one-day performance since Dec. 1 of last year. However, the Bitcoin bulls…

    EtherHiding: Hackers create novel way to hide malicious code in blockchains
    16 Oct 2023

    Cybercriminals have discovered a new way to spread malware to unsuspecting users, this time by manipulating BNB Smart Chain (BSC) smart contracts to hide malware and disseminate malicious code. A breakdown of the technique known as “EtherHiding” was shared by security researchers at Guardio Labs in an Oct. 15 report, explaining that the attack involves compromising WordPress…