Ethereum’s Pectra upgrade to make normal wallets ‘smart’ and improve UX
    13 Apr 2024

    Ethereum’s Pectra upgrade, slated for late 2024 or early 2025, is bringing with it a host of more functionality for crypto wallets and upgrades to their user experience (UX). Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 3074 was approved for inclusion in the next update, which allows normal crypto wallets to work like smart contracts. One of EIP-3074’s functions gives standard externally owned accounts (EOAs), normal…

    US gov’t among states with largest Bitcoin holdings — Arkham
    13 Apr 2024

    The United States government is one of the biggest cryptocurrency holders alongside other global states like the United Kingdom and Germany, according to data from Arkham. Arkham, a crypto intelligence platform focused on deanonymizing entities on the blockchain network, has introduced a dashboard featuring the governments with the largest crypto holdings. Announcing the news on…

    China has a Trojan Horse in US Bitcoin mining infrastructure
    13 Apr 2024

    Cryptocurrencies are rapidly becoming a critical piece of the United States economy and financial system. The value of Bitcoin has surged thanks to exchange-traded funds (ETFs) bringing access to a huge swath of new consumers. This is generally good news. However, the rise of Bitcoin also brings with it the need for increased regulatory guardrails, similar to other…