‘Bitcoin will reach over $1M’ — Animoca founder at WebSummit Rio
    17 Apr 2024

    Yat Siu, the founder of Animoca Brands, spoke at WebSummit Rio on April 16 on a panel titled “Bitcoin’s Revenge: Is Web3 Making a Comeback?” At the panel, Siu said he has no doubt that Bitcoin will reach $1 million: “I do believe that Bitcoin could reach over a million dollars-plus over time. But, I believe,…

    Bitcoin halving impact on altcoins
    17 Apr 2024

    Bitcoin’s growing dominance over the last 15 years signifies the importance of the mechanisms creator Satoshi Nakamoto devised to overcome the shortcomings of the fiat ecosystem — one of them being halving. Nakamoto invented the Bitcoin halving mechanism, which reduces the BTC rewards for mining over time to slow down the issuance of the limited 21 million…

    GameFi ecosystem makes a comeback amid surging crypto prices
    17 Apr 2024

    After a dormant 2022 and much-muted 2023, GameFi projects are making a comeback as the bull market rages. This week, move-to-earn protocol StepN announced it would partner with Adidas for a 1,000 Genesis Edition nonfungible tokens (NFT) drop on Solana. The launch is part of an ongoing one-year partnership between the two firms that will…