ALA Mining launches gold-pegged crypto-asset QAM Token

    10 Mar 2022

    ALA Mining, a company with its own mining fields in Africa, mixes traditional gold mining and digital assets. It issues QAM Token, a crypto asset pegged to real gold. The gold is stored and audited in Dubai, so it is protected from conflicts in Europe and is owned by the company, not third-party investors.

    ALA Mining is a company that owns mining fields, which are real compared to digital currencies. It will open the African market for investors in real gold.

    It produces physical gold and converts it into real digital gold by earning money the old-fashioned way, just like they deserve it. As the growth of gold price internationally since the COVID-19 pandemic begins in 2020, it is still proving to be the best option with the start of the war in Ukraine.

    Quantum Ala mining understands that pandemic-era inflation and a geopolitical crisis in Eastern Europe have caused the price of gold to rise. Thus, the economic scenario has changed the economic blueprint and has seen gold trading at its highest levels in more than a year, with high inflation and volatile raw materials amid the possible invasion of Ukraine by Russia. The situation is critical for investors, and they need a safe space for their assets. QAM Token is here to solve these investor problems.

    Moreover, QAM Token has an eligibility to function proficiently in times of market volatility when gold tends to be a safe investment and a desirable asset for investors. During periods of high inflation we now live in, gold has been seen as a safe bet to hedge against rising prices and unpredictable stock markets, as the asset has a track record of underperforming, higher than inflation returns.

    ALA Mining owns mining fields, which are real compared to other competing coins. Gold mining is real and will open the African market for investors. The gold is stored and audited in Dubai, so it is protected from conflicts in Europe and is owned by the company, not known or unknown third-party investors.

    In a recent development, ALA Mining’s team has worked closely with leading financial advisors and economists to create a new token that combines the stability of the price of gold with the opportunities presented by the cryptocurrency market.

    ALA Mini’s QAM Token comes with multiple benefits for the convenience of the investor:

    Fungible: QAM Token Gold Certificate can be converted into a range of ALA Mining products, such as LBMA London Good Delivery (LGD) bars.

    Price stability: QAM Token algorithm is designed so that its minimum price is always at least the price of gold published by the LBMA in real-time.

    Mining in real-time: ALA Mining has two exploitation licenses for a total of 198.66 square kilometers of gold-rich areas in Guinea. Each gram of gold mined increases the market capitalization of the QAM Token, as the QAM token platform authorizes the successful tokenization of gold.

    Minimum fees: They ensure minimum transaction fees when moving the QAM Token between wallets or from one cryptocurrency to another (i.e., BTC to ETH).

    With the quick launch of the QAM Bank in Q4 of its roadmap, there will be a crypto-friendly save platform for all the crypto enthusiasts. They will open the African continent with the technologies designed to make QAM Token the official currency of Guinea, which will be accepted in all establishments as a form of payment, using automated cryptocurrency exchanges and liquidity providers across Africa.

    In addition, the Bankounfu mega real estate project in New Guinea City will be pro-life through the QAM Token, being able to buy houses and flats with QAM.

    As recently reported, the Mitsui Group based in Japan is also planning to issue a yen-valued, gold-pegged stablecoin. The launch of the cryptocurrency, called ZipangCoin (ZPG), was announced in February and will be available for purchase on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

    The Mitsui stablecoin will be linked to the price of gold on the London Metal Exchange. The value of the ZPG token is equal to one gram of gold, and its payment will be guaranteed by Sumitomo Mitsui Banking.

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