Aptos hits all-time high in user transactions

    27 May 2024

    The layer-1 blockchain platform Aptos, developed by former Facebook employees, has achieved a new milestone in blockchain transactions. It surpassed Solana by recording 115. 4 million transactions in a single day on May 25, compared to Solana’s 31.7 million.

    The surge in transaction volume set a new benchmark and surpassed the previous L1 record of over 65 million held by Sui Network by a significant margin of over 50%.

    According to Aptoscan, the blockchain’s user TPS (transactions per second) also reached an all-time high of 32,000 on the same day. This signifies a substantial increase in activity within the blockchain ecosystem, underscoring the growing adoption and momentum in the industry.

    The recent surge in transactional activity on Aptos is attributed to the launch of Tapos Cat, a new tap-to-earn game that has gained rapid popularity. Within its first day on the mainnet, the game processed an impressive 10 million transactions, significantly contributing to the increased activity on the platform.

    In the Tapos Cat game, users can earn $HEART tokens by ‘tickling’ a virtual cat, with the game’s structure facilitating multiple transactions. Additionally, the game offers a gas-fee-free experience for the first 72 hours, encouraging players to participate and enjoy the game without any extra costs.

    Despite the high volume of transactions, Aptos has maintained consistent gas fees and success rates. This stability is made possible by the Aggregator feature on the Aptos platform, which enables the simultaneous processing of multiple transactions, ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience.

    The CEO of Helius Labs has cast doubt over Tapos Cat’s staying power and practical utility, questioning the game’s emphasis on click-and-buy interactions as a means to artificially inflate metrics rather than genuinely serve user needs.

    While Tapos Cat may appear to lack a clear purpose at first glance, Aptos supporters contend that it serves as a vital engineering project, demonstrating the robustness and scalability of the Aptos network and paving the way for future developments.

    Aptos Labs remains committed to scaling its mission of enabling billions of people to access decentralized assets. On May 9, the Aptos Labs team introduced its new global advisers, including David Lawee, former vice president of corporate development at Google.

    In November 2023, Aptos Labs and Atomrigs Lab announced plans to launch a Web3 wallet service, T wallet, in partnership with South Korean telecommunications operator SK Telecom (SKT).

    Source: https://cointelegraph.com/news/aptos-sets-new-record-for-daily-transactions-with-115-million-txs

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