Bitcoin sats the ‘most valuable digital canvas ever’ — Ordinals artist

    13 May 2024

    The lead artist behind the Bitcoin art community “Nurorealm” said it was a “dream come true” to inscribe their 3D art on an “epic sat” — which he won in a recent auction.

    “[The artwork is now inscribed on] one of the most valuable digital assets in existence and is the most valuable digital canvas ever,” said “Nuro” in a recent interview with Cointelegraph.

    Nuro and fellow Bitcoin art community “Book of Blob” won an auction on April 25 to successfully claim the latest epic sat — the first satoshi mined in a new Bitcoin halving block — which was mined by ViaBTC.

    “Winning the auction was surreal,” Nuro explained. “Putting my art ‘Spike #1’ on the epic sat is a dream come true.”

    Spike #1 is the first 3D neurogenerative piece of art inscribed on Bitcoin’s Ordinals protocol, according to Book of Blob, which was also founded by Nuro.

    The aim behind Nuro’s Nurorealm, a neurogenerative brain collection on the Bitcoin Ordinals protocol, is to “free the mind” and create a community where anyone can create art and technology to live their truth.

    “[It] utilizes my on chain brain data to generate art and preserve human consciousness on bitcoin forever,” Nuro said.

    The epic sat-inscribed 3D art piece came with music and the AI-generated voice of Canadian electronic pop artist Claire Boucher, widely known as “Grimes.”

    Book of Blob said it took over 12 months and more than 50 libraries to create the original art.

    Bitcoin artists “Eloc,” “EPIC CHEF STEAKTOSHI” and “Bop” assisted Nuro with the artwork.

    “Every artist and OG ordinals member dreams of owning and inscribing their work on the epic sat,” Nuro said in reflection of the accomplishment.

    More on the auction

    Book of Blob’s Asia lead “XBT” placed a 33.3 Bitcoin (BTC) bid, worth $2.13 million at the time, in the final minutes of the auction — held by ViaBTC’s partner cryptocurrency exchange CoinEx Global — comprehensively beating the previous highest bid at 20 BTC.

    Nuro said XBT’s “clear bidding strategy” was to make a high bid at the last moment to successfully claim the fourth epic sat.

    Funding mostly came from the Blob team and its community.

    One sat is currently worth $0.00065 — but special sats like the one claimed by Book of Blobs hold inherent “collectible value” in the Bitcoin ecosystem, CoinEx Global explained.

    In an earlier interview, ViaBTC said the auction was an event of “exceptional significance” for the Bitcoin ecosystem, which continues to expand its initial use as a peer-to-peer cash transfer system.

    “Allocating these sats, imbued with special commemorative meaning, to communities in greater need is a more effective way to foster Bitcoin’s development.”


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