Coinbase Pro platform started listing Dogecoin

    On Thursday cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase started listing Dogecoin, the original meme-based asset, on its Pro platform. The exchange will try to surge interest in the cryptocurrency by a $1.2 million giveaway. Coinbase retail users can now sell, buy and store Dogecoin on the exchange, the company said in a blog post. To boost up…

    NFT bubble popped? Study shows NFT sales dropped 90% over last month
    05 Jun 2021

    According to a recent analysis by crypto news site Protos, non-fungible token (NFT) sales plummeted 90% since the record sales on May 3. Market data shows over 130,000 NFT sales in a single day, and 30 days later, NFT sales dropped more than 35% last month, reaching over 84,000. Since peaking on May 3, when…

    Future of Bitcoin: Regulators will ultimately ‘stop the music’ – says Pascal Blanque, Amundi CIO
    03 Jun 2021

    Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a “farce” and a symptom of financial bubbles forming in the markets, said Pascal Blanque, chief investment officer (CIO) at Amundi. Reuters reports that Blanque said at the news conference on Thursday, cryptocurrency regulators will ultimately “stop the music” and be forced to end the party. In a recent research…

    Ripple’s assistance in establishing a payment corridor in Egypt and the UAE
    20 May 2021

    National Bank of Egypt and UAE Financial Service Provider Set to Leverage Decentralized Payments Network RippleNet The National Bank of Egypt (NBE) has partnered with Ripple (XRP) to establish a cross-border payments corridor with the United Arab Emirates via RippleNet, according to a press release published on Tuesday. “Egypt ranks amongst the top five countries…

    Massive Cryptocurrency Market Drop: Large Stablecoins Fall Below 0.9 USD

    Currently, the cryptocurrency market is clearly showing a decline in major coins, but among all this, a sudden drop, at about the same time, in many major stablecoins, clearly stands out At 13:30 UTC, major cryptocurrencies are bleeding, and the top 10 by market capitalization are seeing losses between bitcoin (BTC)’s 23% and binance coin…

    The Phantom Menace: Ethereum existed with a security hole for 18 months
    19 May 2021

    For a year and a half, Ethereum was at risk of a serious DoS attack threat, and last month, Ether held a Berlin hardfork in which there was a solution to this problem, read more about this and the comments of the developers below: According to the May 18 post written by Ethereum developer Péter…