Dubai’s crypto PR agency Luna PR partners up with LUDO

    23 Jan 2022

    Dubai-based Luna PR, an award-winning crypto PR and marketing agency, will be helping NFT data aggregator LUDO with digital marketing and PR. They also have to prepare Ludo products and tokens’ launches in 2022.

    Ludo partnering up with Luna PR, aims to reduce frictions in the metaverse and NFT industries with their search engine and data aggregator. Their mission is to transcend divisions between industries, people, and culture, by making the space more accessible, user-friendly, and safer.

    The platform will allow users to optimize their experiences in the game-fi, metaverse, and NFT spaces. Ludo wants to be a central gateway to a multi-chain web 3.0, with an aggregator for NFTs and play-to-earn games across the multiverse.

    Ludo’s search engine beta is close and will go live in Q1 2022. Their product aims to revolutionize the crypto space as the world’s first NFT and Metasearch optimizer.

    With its powerful search engine, Ludo is going to enable artists, collectors, and players to track their collectibles and in-game items across all blockchains and platforms and make them actionable.

    Luna PR is an award-winning marketing, advisory, and public relations agency founded by Nikita Sachdev in 2019. It is a full-stack digital marketing agency headquartered in Dubai with clients in over five continents. Luna PR aims to help promising blockchain and crypto projects to develop their presence in the competitive space and encourage mass adoption.

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