Samsung immerses in the Decentraland metaverse

    12 Feb 2022

    Samsung has built an entire mini-city on the Ethereum based Decentraland metaverse from where they livestreamed their big Samsung Unpacked event showcasing their latest phone and tech.

    The South Korean-based giant with yearly revenue of $200 billion has created an immersive experience on Decentraland that gamefies exploring their city corner through a mini-game.

    After entering through a portal at Samsung HQ, or Samsung 837X as they call their metaverse, users are presented with a giant transparent genie that asks them to find and collect at least five boxes out of ten and bring them back for a promised gift.

    There’s also the theatre hall from which they livestreamed their big event on the streaming screen, as well as the dancing disco arena with its own jumping portals and some decent music. And there’s the big forest to communicate the main message from Samsung: sustainability.

    Finding most of the boxes requires going back in front of the HQ, where a flying car greets you on the side to give you a fun experience of trying to get to the roof while also seeing the mini-city from above.

    The whole thing took about one hour to explore just what Samsung has built.

    (Source: Trustnodes )

    When you come back to the genie, it gives you, after congratulations, a seed to plant in the forest.

    For planting that seed, visitors are given a badge with an invitation to come back on Valentine’s Day to show their love to the forest, as the forest might reward them with a gift – an NFT or a wearable.

    It’s a show on the part of Samsung that they have the skills to engage this potential new frontier while also making themselves look a bit cooler because it’s a direct interaction through a 3D medium.

    Samsung says their metaverse will feature “quests, NFT prizes, product reveal events and live performances.”

    Samsung defines the platform as “a space-decorating experience” wherein users can collect, arrange, and decorate their houses using various products represented in virtual format.

    The electronics behemoth is vying to invest in the metaverse industry to innovate their current products and build a technological system amongst their appliance variants.

    All this makes Decentraland the prototyping playground for a new 3D medium that can potentially be the new stage or dimension in the evolution of digital tech.

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