Spanish entrepreneur in the UAE bets on mass crypto adoption

    18 Apr 2022

    Mani Thawani, a Spanish entrepreneur, aims to lead the mass crypto adoption movement in Dubai. His company Blockmatica now oversees five crypto-related businesses, including the TV reality show ‘Block Talent’ and a metaverse project.

    As Khaleej Times reported, Thawani’s holding company Blockmatica Group has already executed exciting projects, such as ‘Block Talent,’ a funding incubator reality show – similar to Shark Tank but for crypto and blockchain-related projects – as well as a metaverse with highly realistic avatars that has seen more than $15 million in investment to date.

    As a leader of the mass adoption movement, one of Thawani’s goals is to democratize crypto through education. By improving knowledge-building on the phenomena, he seeks to empower the general public’s understanding of crypto’s impact on economic trends and traditional financial systems, as well as on their personal lives.

    The young enthusiast has a deep conviction for driving the mass adoption of crypto, which he believes will result in the greatest wealth transition in history. This conviction has driven his personal journey toward democratizing access to crypto, while his company Blockmatica now oversees five different crypto-related businesses.

    In his short time in the Gulf, Thawani has shaken up the UAE crypto world, meeting with leaders in the field and pursuing multiple exciting ventures. One of his biggest projects is ‘Block Talent,’ a funding incubator broadcasted as a TV reality show in which crypto entrepreneurs will pitch their companies to a panel of four investors.

    Thawani believes that blockchain technology will fundamentally change the fabric of global society. This change pertains not only to money but the very structure of human governments, institutions, organizations, and even reality itself in the metaverse. Now he is ready to transform the UAE crypto world with his inextinguishable belief in the potential of human progress.

    Meanwhile, the latest surveys show over 54% of UAE residents aged between 18 and 35 years are expressing increased openness toward crypto.

    In the UAE, young adults are among those who are most likely to invest in cryptocurrencies in the near term. They either hold or plan to hold crypto assets in the next 12 months, the study by market researcher YouGov revealed.

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