UAE’s Al Habtoor Group launches the Last Hopium NFT project

    06 Feb 2022

    UAE’s engineering firm Al Habtoor Group in partnership with Luna PR, a Dubai-based digital marketing agency, announced “Last Hopium,” an NFT project aimed to use blockchain technology to bridge digital asset holders to big hotels like Ritz, Hilton, and Waldorf. The release of the NFT collection will be during Q1 2022.

    Al Habtoor Group joins GAP and Walmart as the latest known multinational companies to enter the NFT world.

    Founded by Habtoor Al Habtoor, the NFT collection called “Last Hopium” contains 10,000 unique items to release during Q1 2022.

    Al Habtoor Group has 14 high stars hotels worldwide, seven in UAE and the other seven across the globe, including The Ritz-Carlton in Budapest and the Imperial Hotel in Vienna.

    Holders of tokens from the “Last Hopium” collection will be able to enjoy its real-time experiences and opportunities worldwide.

    “We have created a unique model and a first-ever seen for the hospitality sector, where the NFT holders can generate their own experience and either indulge in it or make a profit out of it,” said Habtoor Mohammed Al Habtoor.

    For this to happen, Al Habtoor Group partnered with Luna PR, a Dubai-based digital marketing agency that works with the crypto ecosystem across the globe.

    The designer behind this NFT collection is an artist named Noxx. Last Hopium includes 10,000 completely different avatars divided into two different groups, a “Mekamorph” or an “Exomorph.”

    The official webpage claims that “Last Hopium is an NFT drop by the gods, for the gods.” Also, the team says that if you want to become a “METAGOD” and live like one, you have to own a Last Hopium NFT.

    “Last Hopium holders will have the most exclusive access to the most sought-after opportunities. Real luxury, real wealth, real status, and real experiences. We shall leave the best for last!” says Last Hopium official’s website.

    Al Habtoor Group was founded by Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor in 1970 as a small engineering firm in the United Arab Emirates. Nowadays, the Group has expanded its activities to the hospitality, automotive, car leasing, real estate, education, and publishing sectors.

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