NFT-2022: What to expect from a brand-new industry? Part 1
    16 Jan 2022

    NFT is a huge branch of the blockchain economy that essentially formed before our eyes in 2021. And while few people knew what “non-fungible tokens” even were a year ago, by the end of the year, the most prominent corporations were already integrating NFT solutions into their products, and the market volume amounted to tens…

    WP: Cryptocurrency is suddenly everywhere – except in the cash register

    While interest in crypto has exploded, few people are using it for its intended purpose: to pay for things – writes Tory Newmyer on The Washington Post. Billionaire tech executive Michael Saylor has called Bitcoin “the seminal invention of the human race.” His website describes it as “a bank in cyberspace” offering a “simple, &…

    Bitcoin: Falling To Justify Its Value
    15 Jan 2022

    The start-of-the-year drop in cryptocurrency prices is due to various reasons (which we will go through). Still, with a cool head, you may recognize that crypto, through complex mechanisms of self-regulation, rejects attempts to pump it up with fiat money. You can even say that cryptocurrencies want to maintain their role as money and not…

    NFT sales surpass $4 billion in the last month
    13 Jan 2022

    Despite a decline in the crypto markets, NFT marketplaces have made a tremendous surge in the previous month. According to data from, NFT global sales surpassed $4 billion in the last 30 days. “2021 will go down as the breakdown year for NFTs. The growth in their sales is due to two main factors,”…

    Crypto is inevitable in Iraq
    13 Jan 2022

    Crypto is inevitable in Iraq Despite roadblocks, crypto is becoming increasingly popular in Iraq and the Kurdistan region, claimes Abdurrahman Bapir on CoinDesk. Cryptocurrency was born out of a financial crisis. It was a proposed solution to the problems caused by, and inherent in, the worldwide banking system as well as centralized authorities. Satoshi Nakamoto’s…

    As Turkey’s inflation surges to 36%, citizens turn from the lira to stablecoins
    12 Jan 2022

    Turkey’s economy remains in turmoil with inflation rising to 36%, and since this time last year, the country’s currency has lost 44% of its value against the US dollar. Meanwhile, the use of stablecoins in Turkey has skyrocketed, and today, 28.96% of all trades with Tether (USDT) are paired against the Turkish lira. Reports from…