Crypto in 2022: 5 predictions for Bitcoin, NFTs and the future of money
    06 Jan 2022

    CNET’s experts reveal where cryptocurrency is headed in 2022. This story is part of The Year Ahead, CNET’s look at how the world will continue to evolve starting in 2022 and beyond. Cryptocurrency made many of the strangest headlines of 2021. Boosters touted digital currencies as a world-changing technology with the potential to create new…

    CoinMENA integrates Chainlink to enhance the transparency of its crypto exchange
    06 Jan 2022

    CoinMENA, the digital assets exchange focused on the MENA region, announced the live integration of Chainlink Price Feeds – decentralized data feeds of asset prices on various cryptocurrencies, FX rates, and traditional assets. CoinMENA is referencing Chainlink Price Feeds during all fiat-to-crypto transactions on the exchange. According to a press release, CoinMENA’s integration of Chainlink…

    Amazon Token promos in social media are a scam
    06 Jan 2022

    Recently, some social media posts started to claim that Amazon has begun a “presale” of its own crypto tokens. However, the online retail giant officially called them fake, while an internet security firm Avast said that such messages are part of scams targeted to steal money and harvest personal data. For instance, a Facebook post…

    Time for regulators. Part 1
    06 Jan 2022

    American regulators’ attitude to cryptocurrencies seems to swing back-and-forth like a pendulum. One minute they wish (and act) to ban everything crypto-related as competition to fiat money, the second – they “let go of the reins”. The current swing is towards strengthening government control. In a now typical for the US move, the signal initially…