Lamborghini to launch a limited NFT collection linked to space
    26 Jan 2022

    Luxury automobile manufacturer Lamborghini is launching an NFT collection that’s out of this world. The initiative is a set of digital space keys. Five digital artwork NFTs have been made by a yet-to-be-disclosed artist. The Italian marque Lamborghini is renowned for its supercars such as the Huracán and Aventador. Still, now it wants to expand…

    What Nassim Taleb gets wrong and right about Bitcoin

    Crypto may not have an economic anchor, but art, diamonds, gold and many other things have value only because other people value them, not from any direct economic use, writes Aaron Brown on Bloomberg. Bitcoin has fallen 50% since November. This is not unusual for the cryptocurrency; it did the same thing from April to…

    Bitcoin Black Friday: Why it happened, and what comes next
    26 Jan 2022

    On Friday, a sudden price crash followed by several days of steady losses has pushed bitcoin to its lowest level in six months, down more than 50% from the all-time high it experienced in November. Analysts told The Independent what caused the slump and why Bitcoin’s recovery may be a ‘long shot’. Typically for the…