Crypto City: Guide to Dubai
    19 Jan 2022

    This “Crypto City” guide of Cointelegraph looks at Dubai’s crypto culture, its most notable projects, and people, its financial infrastructure, which retailers accept crypto, and where you can find blockchain education courses. Fast facts: City: Dubai Country: United Arab Emirates Population: 4 million Established: 1833 Languages: Arabic (official), English (most common), Hindi is also widespread…

    Spain moves to regulate influencers promoting crypto
    19 Jan 2022

    The first country in the EU, Spain, is trying to control the way cryptocurrencies are marketed, with new restrictions on influencers’ promotions. According to the new rules published Monday, posts promoting crypto-assets must now include the appropriate disclaimer. Fines for non-compliance could reach €300,000. The new rules will come into force in February. The fast…

    NFT-2022: What to expect from a brand-new industry? Part 2
    19 Jan 2022

    NFT is a huge branch of the blockchain economy that essentially formed before our eyes in 2021. And while few people knew what “non-fungible tokens” even were a year ago, by the end of the year, the most prominent corporations were already integrating NFT solutions into their products, and the market volume amounted to tens…