Argentina’s central bank blocks banks from offering crypto amid IMF pressure
    07 May 2022

    Argentina’s central bank (BCRA) has banned financial institutions from offering unregulated digital assets services. The move comes roughly a month after the International Monetary Fund (IMF) approved a $45 billion loan facility that required the country to discourage the use of cryptocurrencies. On May 5, BCRA announced that financial institutions cannot enable their clients to…

    Coinbase NFT marketplace gains too few users after the start

    Coinbase NFT, the crypto exchange’s newly launched NFT marketplace, has a problem with attracting users. The once-anticipated platform still has fewer than 1,300 total users, according to Dune Analytics. On its first day, the marketplace, which opened its beta up to the public yesterday, saw fewer than 150 new users make a trade on the…

    Approaches to CBDC: US vs. China
    07 May 2022

    Few people today doubt that in a few years, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) will be as widespread as cash is now. But so far, no one can tell how exactly Western countries will approach their digital money. And this question, as you are about to see, is hardly a trivial one. If you discount…