The LUNA and UST crash explained in 5 charts
    15 May 2022

    One of the earliest signs that things were going wrong for Terra came when UST deposits on Anchor started dropping Saturday – Sam Kessler and Sage D. Young analyzing on CoinDesk. The Terra money machine collapsed almost entirely Wednesday. The UST stablecoin remains deep in the sub-dollar doldrums for the third day running, and LUNA,…

    Popular crypto data sites warn against ongoing MetaMask phishing attacks
    15 May 2022

    Etherscan, CoinGecko, DeFi Pulse, and many other sites displayed a suspicious pop-up asking users to connect their wallets. Initial indications suggest that malicious code via ads on the affected sites is the vector for the phishing attack. Platforms urged users to “not confirm any transactions” that popped up on its website. Crypto data websites Etherscan,…

    Algorithmic Stablecoins – a New Crypto Trend
    15 May 2022

    The ubiquitous USDT and USDC stablecoins seem to be facing more and more aggressive young challengers. So let’s take a look at the so-called algorithmic stablecoins, as well as stablecoins backed exclusively by cryptocurrencies, to try and understand the situation in the market. The introduction of the Tron network’s USDD on May 5 was an…