ECB official: Digital Euro could come out by 2026
    21 May 2022

    The European Union could issue a digital euro within four years, a senior official from the European Central Bank (ECB) said. Peer-to-peer payments could be a first test case, though no final decision has been made yet. “At the end of 2023 we could decide to start a realization phase to develop and test the…

    Spotify starts testing NFTs on its platform
    21 May 2022

    Spotify is reportedly testing the option to include NFT galleries on musicians’ profiles. The test is currently available to select Android users across the United States. Should the trial succeed, artists may soon be able to promote their NFTs on their profiles. Spotify, a major music streaming platform, is testing a new feature that allows…

    Ethereum’s ‘huge testing milestone’ in preparation for Proof-of-Stake
    21 May 2022

    Ethereum’s main public testnet, Ropsten, which allows for blockchain development testing before deployment on the mainnet, is estimated to undergo “the Merge” on June 8 in preparation for the main Ethereum blockchain to switch to proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus. Parithosh Jayanthi, who works in devops at the Ethereum Foundation, merged the pull request on GitHub today,…

    Let’s Imagine: Crypto Assets of the Future
    21 May 2022

    Plot twist: well-known economist and crypto-skeptic Nouriel Roubini is developing his own crypto asset. He set out to find a form of integration between cryptocurrencies and the real economy, and his vision seems quite intriguing. The great thing about the crypto industry is the amount of creativity involved, particularly with all new types of assets…