Navigating the World of Crypto: Tips for Avoiding Scams
    16 Jan 2023

    From “pig butchering” to phishing, there are myriad ways that scammers try to take advantage of crypto users. Despite the belief of many crypto enthusiasts that centralized exchanges (CEXs) are safer, history has often shown them to be rather vulnerable to attacks. Because these exchanges centralize the storage of users’ assets, they can be attractive targets…

    Bank of Thailand to allow first virtual banks by 2025
    16 Jan 2023

    By allowing virtual banks, Thailand seeks to boost competition and economic growth. Bank of Thailand has disclosed plans to allow virtual banks to operate in the country for the first time. Financial firms will be able to provide services by 2025, a Bloomberg report shows. The “Consultation Paper on Virtual Bank Licensing Framework” published by the…

    Scaramucci to invest in crypto firm founded by former FTX US boss
    16 Jan 2023

    It is understood the crypto software company will enable crypto traders to create algorithmic-based strategies to access different markets. SkyBridge Capital founder Anthony Scaramucci is investing in a crypto company founded by the former president of FTX US. Scaramucci told Bloomberg in an email that he would be investing his own personal funds to support ex-FTX US…

    Bitcoin steps out of ‘Fear’ for the first time in nine months
    16 Jan 2023

    The Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index reached an index score of 52 over the weekend, marking the first time its hit neutral territory in three quarters. The highly-referenced Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index moved into neutral territory over the weekend following several months of fear. On Jan. 15, the index reached a neutral level of 52, its…