White House cryptocurrency ‘roadmap’ recommends against pension funds
    28 Jan 2023

    The Biden administration touted its comprehensive framework and encouraged regulators and Congress to tighten the screws on crypto in a new statement. The White House released a statement on Jan. 27 that provided the United States President Joe Biden administration a roadmap for mitigating risks associated with cryptocurrencies. Much of the document was addressed to the U.S….

    Crypto Biz: A peek into BlockFi’s secret financials (it’s not pretty)
    28 Jan 2023

    How much exposure does BlockFi have to Sam Bankman-Fried failed enterprises? A lot, according to accidentally leaked financials. Crypto lender BlockFi has had a highly tumultuous 12 months. After getting caught up in the Terra fiasco, which resulted in one of the most prolific asset death spirals of all time, the company managed to avoid bankruptcy after receiving…

    Creating self-sovereignty in the creator economy and Web3 — Is there room for both?
    28 Jan 2023

    NFT Steez sits down with Web3 advocate Julie Plavnik to discuss the concepts of self-sovereignty and digital identity in Web3-based creator economies. On this week’s episode of NFT Steez, hosts Alyssa Exposito and Ray Salmond meet with Web3 content writer Julie Plavnik to discuss the importance of self-sovereignty while building a digital identity in Web3. Plavnik…

    Total crypto market cap rises above $1T, and data suggests more upside is in store
    28 Jan 2023

    Bad news continues to dominate crypto media headlines but Bitcoin and the wider market appear to not care. Despite the recent negative crypto and macroeconomic newsflow, the total cryptocurrency market capitalization broke above $1 trillion on Jan. 21. An encouraging sign is that derivatives metrics are not showing increased demand from bearish traders at the…