Tucker Carlson outlines wild theory to explain Bitcoin price rise: ‘Maximum tin foil’
    18 Jan 2023

    Members of Crypto Twitter were quick to mock Tucker Carlson, who provided no supporting evidence to back his claims. Controversial Fox news television host Tucker Carlson has proposed a curious conspiracy theory that seeks to link airline delays in the United States and Canada with a surge in the Bitcoin price. He suggested the computer…

    ‘There will be many more zeros’ — Kevin O’Leary on FTX-like collapses to come
    18 Jan 2023

    The Shark Tank star said all unregulated exchanges are seeing “massive outflows” right now, and rightly so. Unregulated crypto exchanges will continue to fall like dominoes post-FTX, with plenty more “meltdowns” to come, warns Shark Tank star and investor Kevin O’Leary. O’Leary, a former spokesperson and proponent for the now-bankrupt FTX exchange, told Kitco anchor David Lin…

    Bitcoin inches closer to a 10-year record, as other stats turn bullish
    18 Jan 2023

    Right now, Bitcoin is a day away from matching a nearly 10-year-old record and Ethereum could hit a significant milestone by Q2. The world’s first cryptocurrency Bitcoin is one day away from matching its historic 15-day win streak if its positive price movement keeps up. In November 2013 Bitcoin posted a 15-day consistent positive price movement,…

    Opinion: The Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol will end ecosystem maximalism
    18 Jan 2023

    IBC is going to allow assets to move between blockchains without the high level of risk inherent to bridging. When I entered crypto, I succumbed to the contest between blockchain ecosystems, believing one had to be “better” than others. I have since realized the future of cryptocurrency is bringing with it a variety of platforms…