3 unique ways hackers are stealing your crypto: Bitrace Report
    31 Oct 2023

    To track down and counter the sudden disappearance of tokens from crypto wallets requires investors to know the various ways bad actors use to steal cryptocurrencies successfully. Blockchain investigator Bitrace has identified three effective ways hackers gain access to crypto investors’ wallets: through search engines, such as Google and Bing, pasteboard hijacking and liquidity mining and coin…

    Terrorist fundraising: Is crypto really to blame?
    31 Oct 2023

    The ghastly events of this past month raise again some troubling questions: Does crypto have a terrorist fundraising problem? Are its networks really being exploited by terrorists to wreak global havoc? If so, what must it do better? On the other hand, maybe the problem is one of perception — more appearance than reality — because public…

    Are Bitcoin ETFs headed for one epic Gensler ‘rugpull?’ Analysts weigh in
    31 Oct 2023

    There’s a slim chance the United States Securities and Exchange chief Gary Gensler could pull the plug on spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds in one “amazingly sadistic” move, according to Bloomberg ETF analysts. In an Oct. 31 tweet directed at senior Bloomberg ETF analysts James Seyffart and Eric Balchunas, ETF commentator Dave Nadig posed whether Gensler may…

    What are open-source protocols, and how do they work?
    30 Oct 2023

    Understanding open-source protocols Open-source protocols have become a mainstay in the tech world and are gaining traction due to the myriad benefits that they offer over their proprietary counterparts. The protocols are typically created with the intention of being used by the public, enabling anyone to examine, alter and share their code. The benefits of open-source…

    UK risks regulating NFTs the wrong way, says Mintable CEO
    30 Oct 2023

    The United Kingdom’s government is in danger of regulating nonfungible tokens (NFTs) in a way that doesn’t suit the true nature of the nascent technology, says Mintable CEO and founder Zach Burks. In an interview with Cointelegraph, Burks said he believes a recent report from a U.K. parliamentary committee significantly exaggerates the role NFTs play in copyright…

    Crypto thief steals $4.4M in a day as toll rises from LastPass breach
    30 Oct 2023

    At least 25 people have reportedly seen $4.4 million in crypto drained from across 80 wallets due to a 2022 data breach that impacted password storage software LastPass. In an Oct. 27 X (Twitter) post, pseudonymous on-chain researcher ZachXBT said they and MetaMask developer Taylor Monahan tracked the fund movements of at least 80 wallets…