Bitcoin needs to address scaling as ETFs drive momentum
    01 Feb 2024

    Bitcoin Drivechain proponent Paul Sztorc believes the growing mainstream acceptance of BTC will drive a need for greater scalability and functionality of its infrastructure. In a wide-ranging interview with Cointelegraph, Sztorc touched on the advantages and drawbacks of the high-profile approval of Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETF) in the United States and the long-term implications of institutional…

    BNB Chain braces DeFi, gaming, AI for 2024 mass adoption
    01 Feb 2024

    The community-driven blockchain ecosystem, BNB Chain, has shared that its plans for 2024 involve optimizing performance, introducing “opBNB Connect” for scalability and targeting specific decentralized applications (DApps) for mass adoption, such as decentralized finance (DeFi), gaming, artificial intelligence (AI) and increasing active validators. The community plans to evolve its Optimism OP Stack-based layer-2 scaling solution, opBNB, to opBNB…

    Bitcoin might drop to $30,000, but that’s OK
    01 Feb 2024

    Regardless of any short-term pullback, Bitcoin will spend this year further cementing its reputation as digital gold. Indeed, just as it did in March 2023 during a narrowly avoided banking crisis, BTC will likely hold up in ways many traditional assets — perhaps even gold — fail to. It is true that the grand institutional…