Bitcoin halving ‘blood bath’ could push US miners offshore
    24 Feb 2024

    Potential sluggishness in the price of Bitcoin after the Bitcoin halving could tank the share prices of high-cost public miners in the United States, forcing some to even move offshore. “We might see a mining stock blood bath as investors realize these companies are barely making money,” says Jaran Mellerud, founder and chief mining strategist of…

    Newly released Satoshi emails reveal a treasure trove of early Bitcoin lore
    24 Feb 2024

    A litany of insights into the early days of cryptocurrency were recently revealed when Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto’s earliest collaborator, Martti Malmi, published 120 pages of email correspondences between the two on GitHub on Feb. 23. My email correspondence with Satoshi in 2009-2011: — Martti Malmi (@marttimalmi) February 23, 2024 The true identity of Nakamoto remains…

    New crypto scam drains users’ wallets without transaction approval
    24 Feb 2024

    A new scam circulating on Telegram allows the attacker to drain a victim’s crypto wallet without the victim needing to confirm a transaction, according to user reports and blockchain data. The scam only works on tokens that comply with the ERC-2612 token standard, which allows for “gas-less” transfers or transfers by a wallet that does…