Bitcoin ETFs hype stalled by due diligence: Bloomberg
    04 Feb 2024

    Bitcoin exchange-traded funds adoption has been slowed by due diligence processes from large trading platforms. According to a Feb. 3 report from Bloomberg, companies such as LPL Financial Holdings, one of the largest independent broker-dealers in the United States, are currently examining the recently approved Bitcoin ETFs to determine whether they will be available for nearly…

    How to use stablecoins for everyday transactions
    04 Feb 2024

    Stablecoins, which provide stability and value preservation for consumers, stand out as a reliable bridge between digital assets and everyday transactions in the volatile world of cryptocurrencies. This guide explores the practical aspects of utilizing stablecoins in day-to-day financial transactions. Advantages of using stablecoins over traditional and other digital currencies Stablecoins are a subset of digital currencies…