DeFi aggregator 1inch Network partners with Unstoppable Domains

    06 Oct 2022

    Users of the decentralized exchange aggregator 1inch Network can now use human-readable addresses supplied by Unstoppable Domains within 1inch’s product ecosystem. Unstoppable Domains hit over 2.5 million registered domains, which can be used perpetually, amid a recent surge in domain name service popularity.

    According to the new agreement, users of the 1inch Wallet can purchase a domain name from Unstoppable Domains that they can freely mint as an NFT and become the perpetual owner of the name. Easy-readable domain names help prevent users from accidentally entering incorrect alphanumeric strings when transacting with other wallets.

    “The issues of user experience, security, and identity are still holding back Web3 mainstream adoption. The partnership with Unstoppable opens up opportunities for overcoming these barriers by making Web3 onboarding more fun and attractive, while users will also benefit from a user-friendlier way of transacting,” 1inch Network representative Sergej Kunz said.

    Sandy Carter, SVP and Channel Chief at Unstoppable Domains, claimed after the announcement that the 1inch Wallet is a DeFi lover’s dream, and Unstoppable is here to help make it even easier for DeFi enthusiasts to manage their finances and own their identity on Web3.

    “We’re thrilled to partner with 1inch to make transacting with, accessing, and buying crypto simpler and more intuitive than ever,” she said.

    1inch Network is a suite of DeFi protocols accessible through a unified frontend. The most popular protocol is the 1inch DEX aggregator that can collect prices from multiple decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and split trades to offer consumers the best prices.

    Created in 2018, Polygon-based Unstoppable Domains provides users with a distributed digital identity that can be used across numerous Web3 platforms. Users have the option of having their domain names end in “.NFT,” “.crypto,” “.blockchain,” “.Wallet,” “Crypto,” “.X,” “.DAO,” and more. Domain names can also serve as website URLs, which could be accessed only using a crypto-browser like Opera’s Crypto Browser or Brave.

    As of July, Unstoppable Domains had registered 2.5 million domains and integrated with over 150 Web3 applications. The 1inch integration adds to a growing list of over 80 wallets and exchanges supported by the NFT naming service.

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