Future Blockchain Summit: Aqarchain.io launches first decentralized real estate NFT marketplace

    25 Oct 2021

    Aqarchain showcases the first global blockchain platform offering fractionalized NFTs. Its flagship product is a real estate crowdfunding investment platform.

    Aqarchain.io, a leader in Prop-tech, FinTech real estate, and hybrid real estate investment, has showcased the first global blockchain-powered real estate crowdfunding marketplace, where investing in real estate is as easy as investing in shares on the stock market. Aqarchain.io has presented at the first global blockchain platform to offer fractional NFT for properties during the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai held in conjunction with GITEX2021.

    The platform enables investors to invest in properties in fractions like shares in a property. The aim is to provide liquidity to the real estate industry by enabling fractional ownership. Traditionally real estate investment is considered the most preferred asset for investment, however, the rising prices create a barrier to entry into the market. This is where Aqarchain.io comes into the picture by offering flexibility to invest in fractions.

    “The Aqarchain platform, our flagship product, is a crowdfunding investment platform that aims to make investing in real estate as easy as investing in shares in the stock market,” stated Waqas Nakhwa, Founder and CEO of Aqarchain. “Our real estate fractional NFTs will be issued on the Polygon Chain, but in the future, we will be able to bridge them to other chains including Ethereum, Binance, Tezos, and Polkadot depending on how our DAO token holders vote. In doing this, we will be offering a bigger secondary marketplace to trade these NFTs.”

    Each fractional token of the NFT is one share in the asset. The tokenized share is lucrative for both buyers and sellers as anyone can easily transfer ownership without the hefty overhead costs, coupled with easier liquidation and efficiencies when transferring these shares.

    Also, Aqarchain.io incorporates the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) governance model, where owners of fractional tokens vote for the governance of the property, returns on the property, appreciation or depreciation of value, as well as vote on which properties get listed on the platform.

    “We are selling a dream here, people will be able to buy a share in an apartment for as low as $500 and claim the rent in proportion to their share in the property,” added Nakhwa. “We also want to change the concept that buying real estate is complicated and once in a lifetime opportunity as now the entry is easier and affordable.”

    The public sale of Aqarchain.io was held on October 20, 2021; the beta version of the platform also has been released for the investors and users to experience a new way to explore real estate. The platform has launched at the TDefi Arena inside the Future Blockchain Summit at GITEX2021 in Dubai. TDefi has incubated Aqarchain.io and has been equally instrumental in supporting the team at every stage.

    The Future Blockchain Summit 2021 is held in Dubai October 17-20, 2021, at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC). Gulf CryptoInsight, as the event’s media partner, publishes essential updates from the summit.

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