SHAREit connects users and apps in the crypto space

    20 Apr 2022

    SHAREit Group, a global technology company, presented its ability to connect numerous users in the Middle East. The platform drives around two million new users to various crypto apps each month.

    At the recent Crypto Dubai Expo, SHAREit Director of Global Partnerships Lisa Dominguez, in a keynote speech, shared that the UAE, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia are among the countries with the highest number of SHAREit users who are also active users of crypto wallets and exchanges.

    According to TripleA’s report, Saudi citizens are ranked third in the Arab world in terms of owning cryptocurrencies, with a total of 453,000 cryptocurrency owners. Egypt ranked first in the Arab world with about 1.8 million crypto owners whilst Morocco ranked second with 878,000 owners.

    In her keynote, Dominguez also shared the different ways crypto companies can use SHAREit as a growth channel to drive user acquisition and build community via the app, including app recommendations and banner ads.

    As Google’s first app channel partner, Dominguez mentioned that SHAREit drives growth and engagement through connectivity and is also the 3rd largest mobile publisher globally in the finance investments category as per the recent AppsFlyer Performance index.

    “SHAREit’s solutions connect crypto apps to millions of new users each month, many of whom convert to high LTV users for these apps. We also see that a significant number of our users sit in the top markets for crypto adoption worldwide,” Dominguez shared.

    As the pandemic prompted the shift to virtual economies, many people have been forced to grapple with the uncertainty of keeping their jobs. Emerging technologies such as blockchain offered an alternative way of earning income amidst the lockdowns, particularly through gaming. With the play-to-earn (P2E) economy came the creation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which grant users personal ownership of their digital assets and can then be traded for cryptocurrency or cash with other players.

    “There’s a lot of opportunity for up-and-coming crypto ventures – from mobile & decentralized apps to Tokens, NFTs, and P2E games – to tap into the potential of SHAREit’s 2 billion global users. In emerging industries like cryptocurrency, new product discovery begins with peer-to-peer recommendations, and P2P marketing has always been one of SHAREit’s strongest points,” adds Dominguez.

    SHAREit currently works with around 30 crypto apps, driving around two million new users to crypto apps each month. With over 700 brand partners worldwide, 30 of which are crypto platforms, SHAREit has managed to earn the trust of the biggest crypto names, including, Nexo and Bybit.

    Meanwhile, applications of the SHAREit group have been installed by nearly 2.4 billion users worldwide. Its core app SHAREit has been lauded among the Top 10 world’s most downloaded apps of all time on Google Play and houses the largest peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing ecosystem globally. SHAREit’s reach spans over 150 countries and is available in 45 languages.

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