US ‘dominates’ crypto startup funding in Q2: Report

    16 Jul 2023

    US-based crypto startups attracted 45% of all VC funding invested in the industry, followed by the United Kingdom claiming 7.7% of capital investment and Singapore with 5.7%.

    Amid crypto firms facing regulatory scrutiny in the United States, it hasn’t stopped innovation, as almost half of all capital investments flocked to U.S. crypto businesses, according to a recent report.

    Published by crypto investment firm Galaxy Digital on July 14, the report stated that US-based crypto start-ups had a significant share of interest from venture capital firms.

    “US-based crypto startups accounted for more than 43% of all deals completed and raised more than 45% of the capital invested by VC firms.”

    However, it was noted that the total amount of capital invested in crypto and blockchain startups continued to decline quarter on quarter.

    “Only $720m was raised by 10 new crypto VC funds in Q2 2023” it noted, pointing out that this is the lowest since “Q3 2020,” at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    This was followed by the United Kingdom claiming 7.7% of capital investment, Singapore with 5.7% and South Korea with 5.4%.

    “Crypto and blockchain startups raised less money across the last three quarters combined than they did in just Q2 last year.”

    It was further noted that while companies in the “broad Web3 category” had more deals, companies in the “trading category” raised more capital.

    This comes amid the United States Securities and Exchange Commission taking action against a number of U.S. crypto firms.

    Most recently, its case against Ripple, alleging that its native token XRP is a security, was ruled partially in favor of Ripple on July 13, stating that it is not a security for retail sales.

    Cointelegraph previously reported on June 18 that Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse believes the SEC is “looking to kill” innovation and the cryptocurrency industry in the U.S.

    He argued that its handling of the Hinman speech documents during the Ripple case isn’t about “any one token or any one blockchain,” but more so the overall stance that the SEC has towards the crypto industry.

    This comes after the SEC took action against major crypto exchanges Coinbase and Binance only a day apart on June 5and June 6.


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