JPMorgan reportedly advises investors to stay away from crypto amid recession risks
    01 Sep 2022

    David Kelly, the chief global strategist at JPMorgan Asset Management, reportedly warned investors to avoid crypto amid the threat of a recession. As Bloomberg reported, David Kelly noted a high risk of recession and further volatility. “The economy has got one foot into a recession and the other on the banana peel now,” he said….

    Ticketmaster chooses Flow blockchain for NFT tickets
    01 Sep 2022

    Event ticketing giant Ticketmaster announced that it will adopt the Flow blockchain for minting tickets as NFTs for select events. Five million Ticketmaster NFTs were already minted in a pilot program over the past six months. Ticketmaster NFTs will function primarily as collectible digital memorabilia, but also as a shareable “proof of attendance.” Over the…

    Coinbase to list AURORA, NEAR, and MXC, according to its listing roadmap
    01 Sep 2022

    Leading crypto exchange Coinbase is officially launching trading services for three digital assets – Aurora (AURORA), Near Protocol (NEAR), and Meta X Connect (MXC) – that were recently added to its listing roadmap. According to a recent announcement, Coinbase says that Aurora (AURORA) will be available with the “Experimental” label, which the exchange applies to…