Amazon to collaborate with ECB to develop a digital euro prototype
    17 Sep 2022

    Amazon is among five companies to develop a digital euro prototype, as the European Central Bank (ECB) revealed its selected partners to collaborate. Amazon will be responsible for designing e-commerce payments during the prototyping exercise from September to December 2022. Meanwhile, Binance CEO praised the EU regulatory framework as a global standard for crypto regulations….

    ETHPoW drops 61% after The Merge, while Grayscale revealed its rights to tokens
    17 Sep 2022

    ETHPoW, a fork of the proof-of-work Ethereum blockchain, was down over 61% in 24 hours following The Merge. Meanwhile, Grayscale Investments said to an SEC it has the rights to ETHPoW tokens due to The Merge. The native token of EthereumPoW, a proof-of-work hardfork of the Ethereum blockchain, was trading down over 60% on Sept….