Post-Merge Ethereum has become obsolete

    Staked ETH is more capital efficient and profitable than regular ETH, and platforms that offer liquid staking derivatives are bolstering its popularity, writes Sam Forman on Cointelegraph. For years, various blockchain projects were rumored to be future “Ethereum killers,” projects that would unseat Ether from its throne and usurp its title as the top digital…

    Apple wants to allow NFT sales in Apps but with 30% commission fees
    27 Sep 2022

    Apple is adding standardizing acceptance of NFT-based apps to be available on the Apple App Store. However, the company is including their standard 30% transaction fees for all transactions, a mechanism that many NFT firms argue is unreasonable and simply not feasible for their existence in the store. In a report from The Information first…

    Grayscale Bitcoin Trust discount hits a record -35% amid market downturn
    27 Sep 2022

    The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), which has been trading at a discount since the beginning of 2021, hit a record low of -35.26% on Sept. 23. This decline comes four months after its previous all-time low of 34%. Now, Grayscale is suing the SEC after rejecting its application to convert to a spot Bitcoin ETF…