Metaplex launches governance token MPLX for Solana NFT creators
    20 Sep 2022

    Metaplex, creator of the NFT protocol on Solana, is launching an MPLX governance token and will conduct an airdrop for NFT creators. Metaplex said it took a snapshot of eligible creators who created NFTs via Metaplex by August 24 and has removed of the airdrop hundreds of wallets “believed to belong to bad actors.” Metaplex…

    Coin98 launches CUSD – the decentralized cross-chain stablecoin
    20 Sep 2022

    DeFi product builder Coin98 Labs is rolling out the Coin98 Dollar (CUSD), the fully collateralized decentralized stablecoin for the Coin98 cross-chain ecosystem. Coin98 sees CUSD as the default exchange unit across all Coin98 Finance products, with distant plans to gradually expand it into other DeFi ecosystems. As the world of multi-chain expands, it significantly drives…

    More than just JPEGs: It’s time to separate NFTs from digital art
    20 Sep 2022

    Not every digital artwork needs to be an NFT. After all, NFTs can already do so much more, notes Abigail Carlson on Decrypt. I had a realization recently while wandering through the Musée Matisse in Nice, France, where I went to see a temporary exhibit on David Hockney. If you’re not familiar, Hockney is considered…