USDC overtakes USDT: Compliance is key to stablecoin dominance
    04 May 2024

    Tether has long dominated the stablecoin sector thanks in large part to USDT’s status as the first fiat-backed stablecoin. However, new serious competitors have entered the stablecoin market over the past several years, giving USDT a run for its money. Since 2024, the transaction volume of Circle’s stablecoin, USD Coin, has been on the rise. According…

    SEC will classify Ether as security, deny spot Ether ETFs — Michael Saylor
    04 May 2024

    MicroStrategy executive chair Michael Saylor speculated that the United States Securities and Exchange Commission will deny listing and trading of spot Ether exchange-traded funds. Speaking at MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin For Corporations conference on May 1, Saylor said the SEC would label ETH as a crypto asset security under its regulatory purview and not a commodity under the U.S. Commodity…

    Coinbase’s Base could make it the NVIDIA of DeFi
    04 May 2024

    Coinbase’s first-quarter earnings report — released May 2 — indicated the company has been thriving thanks to a vibrant market for Bitcoin and Ethereum over the last several months. However, the numbers indicated Base platform has shown even greater potential — and could make Coinbase the NVIDIA of decentralized finance (DeFi). Launched in August 2023, Base is a…