Blockchain education initiatives take off amid crypto bull market
    09 May 2024

    Amid an industry boom, crypto education initiatives are quickly gaining traction. On May 7, organizers of the Women in Tech Global Summit 2024 announced that they would incorporate Unstoppable Domain’s technology for its own Web3 top-level domain (TLD). Dubbed “.WITG,” the digital identity domain, assignable to each participant, will allow users to network as well as access…

    Crypto degens ‘hungry’ for next big SocialFi breakthrough — K33 Research
    09 May 2024

    Crypto users are clamoring to find the next big thing in the Social Finance (SocialFi) sector, according to analysts from K33 Research — who see it a growing corner of crypto despite being plagued by “perverse incentives.” In a May 8 research report, K33 DeFi analyst David Zimmerman wrote that following a recent airdrop, crypto users…

    Optimism to roll out new Superchain features for layer-3 devs
    09 May 2024

    Ethereum scaling solution provider Optimism is looking to take its blockchain throughput a step further by onboarding layer-3 applications on top of the OP Stack. On May 8, the Optimism team said that they were welcoming layer-3s to the Superchain where they can build on the OP Stack and share revenue with the Optimism Collective. The OP Stack is…