Ethereum dev’s paid EigenLayer role sparks debate on ‘conflicted incentives’
    20 May 2024

    An Ethereum Foundation researcher’s decision to take a paid adviser role for the foundation behind EigenLayer has sparked criticism on social media, with one commentator suggesting it could create “conflicted incentives.” In a lengthy May 19 X post, Ethereum researcher Justin Drake disclosed he had taken an adviser role at EigenFoundation that “comes with a significant…

    Tornado Cash verdict has chilling implications for crypto industry
    20 May 2024

    The conviction of Alexey Pertsev, a developer of coin-mixing protocol Tornado Cash, comes from a chilling interpretation of criminal liability likely to have wider ramifications for crypto. The Dutch court’s guilty verdict means Pertsev must now serve a sentence of five years and four months for money laundering through Tornado Cash. This is despite the…

    Ripple publishes math prof’s warning: ‘public-key cryptosystems should be replaced’
    20 May 2024

    Professor Massimiliano Sala, of the University of Trento in Italy, recently discussed the future of blockchain technology, as it relates to encryption and quantum computing, with the crew at Ripple as part of the company’s ongoing university lecture series. Sala’s discussion focused on the potential threat posed by quantum computers as the technology matures. According to the…