Starknet to bring on AI agents that can carry out on-chain activity
    10 May 2024

    Ethereum layer-2 blockchain Starknet will soon allow artificial intelligence (AI) agents on its blockchain that can autonomously perform on-chain activities for users, such as optimizing yield and re-allocating portfolios. Giza — a firm aiming to bring AI to blockchains — raised $3 million in a pre-seed round led by CoinFund in July 2023 and is…

    Coinbase sees infinite interoperability potential with Ethereum and USDC
    10 May 2024

    Coinbase is preparing for a future of a billion customers using decentralized applications on millions of blockchains safely and securely in a system integrating the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Circle’s USD Coin. Coinbase head of tokenization Anthony Bassili, speaking at TokenizeThis 2024 in Miami, said Coinbase’s Ethereum layer-2 Base blockchain will save time on Know Your…

    SEC doesn’t want Ethereum to transform banking landscape, says Joseph Lubin
    10 May 2024

    Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin believes the United States Securities and Exchange Commission is intentionally hindering innovation, which threatens the country’s existing financial landscape. Speaking at FT Live’s Crypto and Digital Asset summit in London, Lubin unpacked Consensys’s decision to sue the SEC after receiving a Wells notice from the U.S. securities regulator. “The SEC appears…