What is market depth in crypto?
    07 Jun 2024

    Market depth in cryptocurrency trading, explained In cryptocurrency trading, market depth describes the market’s capacity to withstand significant orders without appreciably impacting price.  It is a liquidity metric that shows how many buy and sell orders there are for a given cryptocurrency at different price points. So, how is market depth displayed? A depth chart is commonly used to…

    Unstoppable Domains to apply for ‘.blockchain’ domain registration
    07 Jun 2024

    Unstoppable Domains and Blockchain.com have partnered to launch and commercialize a “.blockchain” domain name system (DNS)-enabled Web3 domain. According to the announcement shared with Cointelegraph, the duo teamed up to register the .blockchain Web3 domain with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the world’s authority on IP addresses and domain names. “The…

    Ethereum ETF launch date depends on issuers, not SEC: Gensler
    07 Jun 2024

    The approval of United States spot Ether exchange-traded funds (ETF) will depend on how quickly issuers can respond to comments from the Securities and Exchange Commission, says chairman Gary Gensler. Gensler’s comments appear to put the onus for approvals on issuers and indicate the SEC will not drag the process out as some feared. On May…