Bitcoin is no ‘silver bullet’ for money’s ethical problems
    11 Jun 2024

    Fiat money and cryptocurrencies share similar use cases but both come with drawbacks that critics claim make them unethical to use. Common arguments for Bitcoin being unethical include its impact on the environment through high electricity costs from mining, along with potential use by criminal elements, and the lack of regulation and user protections. Conversely, critics…

    Optimism reaches ‘Stage 1’ decentralization, implementing fault proofs
    11 Jun 2024

    Ethereum layer-2 Optimism has implemented fault proofs into its smart contracts, according to its development team, OP Labs. According to the team, Optimism has now reached “Stage 1” of decentralization, referring to a list of milestones articulated by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin. At least four other OP Stack networks will implement the fault proofs “soon,”…