Binance reaches 200M users with $100B in assets under custody
    09 Jun 2024

    Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world by daily volume, announced on June 8 it had reached 200 million global users. To the best of our knowledge, no other exchange can boast near as many users. However, it bears mention that these figures are self-reported. In true celebratory fashion, Binance marked the occasion across…

    ZkSync’s Gemholic project suspected $3.5M rug pull
    09 Jun 2024

    The cryptocurrency community is concerned following a suspected rug-pull incident involving the Gemholic project and the zkSync network. Several users affected by the alleged Gemholic scam have taken to X to raise awareness. NSerec, the founder of Zkmarkets, confirmed that Gemholic stole $3.5 million. In the X post, NSerec claimed that Gemholic had deceived its investors for…’s plan to develop own blockchain leaves users confused
    09 Jun 2024

    Decentralized social media platform — built on Coinbase layer-2 network Base — has announced plans to develop its own blockchain, Friendchain, but the decision to do so has left many users to ask, “Why?” “No hate, just a genuine question, What is the value proposition of a social-focused chain?” crypto trader Dr. Jojipup asked in reply…