Bitcoin Runes outperforms BRC-20 in onchain activity
    13 Jun 2024

    While Bitcoin takes up the lion’s share of its blockchain network on most days, a clear winner has emerged from the bandwidth war between the Bitcoin standards — Ordinals, BRC-20 and Runes. Onchain activity is a good indicator of real-time market demand and overall community interest. Since its launch on April 20, Runes, a standard…

    OKX investigates multimillion account thefts after SIM swap attacks
    13 Jun 2024

    The OKX cryptocurrency exchange and security partner SlowMist are investigating a multi-million dollar exploit that resulted in two stolen user accounts. The investigation pertains to the theft of two OKX exchange accounts on June 9 through an SMS attack, also known as a SIM swap. This information was reported by Yu Xian, founder of SlowMist,…

    TON is paving a path to the future for crypto
    13 Jun 2024

    The road of tech giants embracing blockchain is littered with failures. Just look at Meta, which abandoned plans to launch the Diem stablecoin after three messy years and an almighty backlash. But there are bright spots — and projects showing a lot more promise. The Open Network (TON) — formerly known as Telegram Open Network…