Coca-Cola to mint NFTs based on heatmaps from FIFA World Cup games

    06 Dec 2022

    Coca-Cola has teamed up with to release a collection of 2022 FIFA World Cup NFTs based on heatmaps of the games played. The move is the latest corporate play to try to capitalize on crypto fever amid the World Cup in Qatar.

    Coca-Cola is releasing a set of 10,000 World Cup NFTs, which are based on heatmaps of the games played.

    Powered by’s NFT platform, the NFTs will be developed by GMUNK, a digital artist who previously worked with Nike, DoorDash, and musician Grimes.

    The heatmaps were generated by tracking the in-game movements of players in FIFA World Cup matches in Qatar. Converted in NFTs, these items will be available to fans who sign up for a NFT platform.

    This is the latest example among moves to capitalize on World Cup fever via Web3. On Nov. 17, blockchain-based sports betting exchange BetDEX was launched on the Solana mainnet. The exchange removed fees for bets placed on World Cup games.

    Meantime, crypto exchange Binance partnered with football legend Cristiano Ronaldo to mint his NFT collection. The NFTs give holders different perks – from mystery boxes and entry into giveaways to a personal message from Ronaldo himself. 

    Budweiser also launched an NFT collection that features live scoreboards for the Cup.

    According to FIFA, its partnership with Algorand is set to include an NFT collection of notable moments, art, and imagery from the World Cup and Women’s World Cup. The project is similar to NFT sports collectibles, like the basketball-themed NBA Top Shot.

    Also, the floor price of “The Saudis,” a Saudi Arabian-themed NFT collection unrelated to the soccer team, surged by 52.6%, to 0.3 ETH over the time of the World Cup. According to OpenSea, the collection’s sales volume also skyrocketed by 990%, almost reaching 24.5 ETH.

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